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Cocozia Plus Chocolate FTW!!!

January 17, 2015

I was recently contacted about reviewing Cocozia’s newest product–Chocolate Coconut Water–and I happily agreed!!

I have to admit, I was not sold on chocolate coconut water. I thought it would be like watered down chocolate, but it was actually quite good! It tasted a bit like a really light chocolate milk 🙂

I made a delicious smoothie with it that tasted more like dessert than anything else, but I kid you not it was chock full of protein and healthy fats!

Cocozia Chocolate PBB Smoothie
– 1 container of Chocolate Cocozia
– 1 frozen banana
– 2 tbsp White Chocolate Wonderful Peanut Butter
– 2 scoops Chocolate Progenex Protein Powder
– a handful of ice

This was a great post workout supplement and DELICIOUS!!

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