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Best Price Nutrition: One Stop Shopping!

August 14, 2013

I was contacted a little while ago by Best Price Nutrition to do a review on their site and their products.  They are a diverse website offering supplements and products for everything from body building, weight loss, recovery, you name it!  And by offering over 2,500 different products to choose from, you can find plenty of different options at BPN.

They asked me what I wanted to try and I quickly replied, “Anything gluten free please!”  I assumed they wouldn’t have anything that fit in that category, but I was wrong.  Within minutes I got a reply email saying, “How about Garden of Life Raw Meal and Raw Protein?”  I couldn’t believe they offered Vegan protein options too!  After sampling the product, I now realize I should have really taken the time to browse the site and pick something I’d really been interested in trying because I was not a fan of the Garden of Life product I tried! However, I was happy to have tried it compliments of Best Price because I don’t plan on buying it in the future.  I do wish that I had tried Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s noGII products instead because I’ve always wanted to taste them but not pay for them either 😉

I decided to first try the Raw Protein, so I threw my handy dandy sample pack into my backpack along with my protein shaker and hopped on my bike to head to work!  I’ve been biking to work several days a week because it is such an easy way to get a workout in.  It is 12 miles to work, so 24 miles round trip, and I can ride the entire way on a paved trail!  I love, love, love the trail systems we have here in Dayton.  Over 300 miles of trails that run all through Dayton and from Cincinnati to Cleveland.  Pretty awesome, especially for road bikers and triathletes!

I got to work in no time and was ready to fuel up when I arrived.  I whipped out my shaker, emptied the package contents into the shaker, added cold water and shook…and shook…and shook…

Unfortunately, vegan proteins are never the best at emulsifying and I was left with a bit of a clumpy mess!  I did my best to imbibe the protein shake, but it was pretty gritty, and frankly just unappetizing.  I tried to drink about half before I couldn’t do it any longer and tossed it.

I didn’t abandon hope yet that it was a tasteless product, so the next day I decided to make a smoothie with fruit and add the protein powder as my supplement.  The verdict:  That didn’t work very well either 😦  I made the smoothie in advance, and by the time I got to work to drink it, it had basically solidified into a green goop that was unpalatable and had the consistency of baby poop!  Garden of Life…no thank you.

Best Price Nutrition, however, gets rave reviews from me and here is why:

– They were extremely accommodating and helped provide me with gluten free samples

– They were able to answer my questions within minutes of my asking

– Their selection was great!  I should have taken more time to pick a better product!

– Their prices are very competitive!

– I received my sample products within a few days of requesting them.  Speedy service!

– And even better, they are having a 10% sale off their entire website for a Back To School Sale!

Bottom Line:  Best Price Nutrition is a great place to shop for your health and wellness supplement, body building and recovery needs.  Check it out!

What sort of supplements do you take regularly?  I am religious about taking my protein powder after working out, fish oil and kelp on a daily basis and a multivitamin as well 🙂



**The samples I reviewed were provided free of charge by Best Price Nutrition, but my opinions in this post are all my own**

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