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I Love Surprises…Well, Only Good Ones

July 24, 2013

A long day at work.  A hot summer day. Exhausted…what does a girl need??  To come home to this!!!

Hubby surprised me with all my faves 🙂 Red wine, cheeses, s’mores, and randomly, some sweet Gherkin pickles 😉  He promptly cooked up dinner too!

Roasted chicken sausage, brown rice and steamed broccoli.  So good, and some vino to wash it down.  We ate on the patio under the umbrella and hubby got a fire started 🙂  It was a little hot for a fire, but how do you get a s’more without a fire?!?!

Yum yum!

S’more constructing time!

Hubby got me these little guys 🙂 Gluten free marshmallows, although most marshmallows are as well.  I didn’t like these as much as the Jet puffed kind.

Eating my mallow!

What a wonderful surprise 🙂 Hubby…hint…hint…you are welcome to surprise me again WHENEVER YOU WANT!!!

What is your favorite surprise you can remember?



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