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Hubby’s Birthday Trip: Chicago Part Quatre

July 2, 2013

Hmm, where did I leave off??  Oh yes, dinner at Quartino 🙂  We were so full afterwards that we practically rolled ourselves back to the hotel.  We zonked out almost immediately, only to wake up at 2AM from the noise of our neighbors through our paper thin walls.  It was like a full blown dance club in there with the level of noise. We somehow were able to fall back asleep and figured we could retaliate by making our 8AM wake-up just as boistrous 🙂

The next morning, we went to Wild Berry Cafe because they not only received the best breakfast reviews in the city, but they had GF PANCAKES!!!  A gluten free’ers vacation dream 🙂  I ordered them on the side with the omelet I got…wayyyyy too much food.  And the omelet was just ok and so smothered in cheese that I almost choked…twice.  The pancakes were decent, but I’m not sure why this place got such rave reviews.  I actually preferred my Corner Bakery breakfast!

The omelet was a Napa Valley Omelet with figs, bacon and gruyere I believe.  Lacked flavor 😦

Afterwards, we trekked down to the Art Institute to kill some time and see the classics before heading to the baseball game at US Cellular Field.

The Art Institute is a MUST see if you’re in Chicago and into art at all!  We weren’t able to spend as much time as we wanted in there, but we made sure to see the “Top 10” sights they had to offer 🙂 American Gothic painting of the Farmer Couple with the Pitchfork was classic!

Outside of the Art Institute Kind Bars were being handed out on the corner by the company reps!  Hubby and I each got one and saved them for emergency snacks at the game 🙂  This one was pretty delicious and I’m happy they are working on lowering the amount of sugar in their snacks.  Sugar sneaks up on you when you least suspect it, and I don’t know about you, but it leads to moodiness, acne, and a nice little layer of pudge on my mid-section.  I can certainly tell the difference when I limit or completely remove sugar from my diet.

Hubby and I took the “T” (crazy that it runs above the streets through downtown Chicago and has been there since the Frank Sinatra Era!) to US Cellular Field and enjoyed the authentic Chicago Experience 🙂  We were less than impressed with US Cellular Field (probably because we are used to the Great American Ballpark in Cincy which we find to be awesome), but I was extremely excited to see that they offered gluten free options!  Of course, we had to get a Chicago Dog…

This guy is happier than a clam 🙂 Hot dog, soda in a souveneir cup, and baseball…what more could he want?!!?

This is my GF Chicago Dog on an Udi’s GF Bun.  The hotdog itself was good.  The bun completely fell apart in my hands, and the ridiculous amount of toppings didn’t really help the cause any.  I must admit, I am not a fan of the Chicago Dog…I think someone just couldn’t make a decision with their toppings and somehow became famous for it.  Gimme my ketchup and normal colored green relish and I’m good!

I also enjoyed a GF beer with the game…it was quite an experience…I felt like a normal baseball fan 🙂 I think this was Bards which is my favorite GF beer by far, but unfortunately due to stadium rules, you don’t get to drink it out of the bottle.  For ALL GF beer, good and bad, it is imperative that you drink the beverage at an ICE COLD temperature and from the bottle.  It really helps to preserve the taste.  Otherwise, it gets a funky aftertaste that reminds you you are drinking GF beer.  The plastic cup didn’t help preserve the temperature of the drink so I had to sip quickly before it tasted yucky!

All in all, our Chicago trip was a lot of fun.  I wish the weather had been better, that I didn’t rip holes in my feet, that our bike didn’t get stolen, and that our neighbors would have had the decency to know that screaming at 2-3AM was NOT permissible by societal standards, BUT it was a memorable trip to say the least.  Oh…and we didn’t end up having to pay for the bike 🙂 THAT would have really ruined the trip!!!

What is the most memorable trip you’ve ever taken?? Good stories?  Please share!



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