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It Seems I’ve Married the Next Andre Agassi!

April 29, 2013

 photo photo2_zps7ac8783f.jpg

See him back there? Hubby has really been getting into tennis lately and is now playing three times a week! One of those is an outdoor league, so Beau and I decided to go and show our support! Of course, he won :-). He’s such a bad-butt! Hmmm, for some reason that doesn’t sound nearly as cool as “badass”…so much for not cursing.

 photo photo1_zps9af324fa.jpg

Beau and I walked around the park, said hi to lots of children in the form of ferocious barking (Beau) and apologizing (me), and enjoyed the lovely Ohio Spring weather. I can’t get it into his head that most children won’t run TOWARDS a ferociously barking dog 🙂 Strange…I know.

Since tennis ran late, we made a date night of it and I picked up some food from Earthfare. On the menu tonight? Lots of less than healthy food 🙂

 photo photo3_zps0f86b588.jpg

Regular pizza for Hubs, GF pizza for me (looooove Against the Grain in pesto), some kombucha, Talenti gelato (for Hubs), root beer and some regular bread for Hubby’s weekly sandwiches.

When I got home, look what was on the counter!

 photo photo4_zpsd7aa4d65.jpg

Some Endangered Species chocolate for review! You’ll see a post here soon with a review and giveaway for some chocolate! Stay tuned 🙂

What is your version of “low key” date night? And don’t forget to enter the Rudi’s Giveaway while there is still time!


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