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Chicken Cacciatore with Balsamic Asparagus

March 24, 2013

This meal was delightful and yet another one from Paleo Plan.  Hubby LOVED it and kept commenting on how good the house smelled 🙂

Prior to dinner, I headed to the gym to get some miles in for the week.  I try to do a 6 mile tempo run, but all I could muster today was just under 6 miles…probably around 5.75 or so.  My legs just felt like lead from that CrossFit workout!  I kept a pretty consistently fast pace and was happy with that, but decided that my body was asking for a rest, so I shouldn’t push it too hard.  Dinner was a nice reprieve from the grueling run.

I followed the Chicken Cacciatore recipe from Paleo Plan.  I think I needed to cut the acidity of the tomato with some coconut milk or something.  It was tasty but too much acidity for my ability to have acid reflux.  I typically don’t watch what I eat (in terms of acidity), but I tend to eat intuitively.  For example, I feel better when I don’t eat acidic foods, so I tend not to.

On the side we had some Balsamic Asparagus which were tasty.  If I make this again, I’ll cut the asparagus into bite sized pieces and just steam them rather than boil them.  These are the one veggie that I HATE to overcook!  They are so much better with a bit of a crispy bite to them 🙂

What did you do today?



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  1. Dani snider permalink
    March 24, 2013 10:49 pm

    hey alyssa, your receipes look delecatable…i really want to try that beef stirfry. P.S. is it still to late to enter the giveway 😉

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