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Busy Busy Bee

March 8, 2013

Wow.  That is all I have to describe my day today!  Forgive the lack of photography…I didn’t even have time to look at my phone let alone use it!

The day started with a 5AM wake up.  I got to start making coffee, making our lunches for the day, and packing my gym bag.  I headed to the gym at 6AM and did a 4 mile speed run!  I had 2 dates with almond butter for fuel along with my coffee.

4 mile speed run

.5 mile warm up (comfortable pace, I run at 7.7 mph for a bit of a challenge)

1 mile at 85% your max speed

(I did my mile at 9.2 mph…if you can’t sustain that pace for a mile, decrease the distance/increase your rest.  Slowly increase your distance as you increase your stamina!)

.5 mile jog

1.25 miles at 85% your max speed (I did this one at 9.3 and increased to 9.5 throughout the 1.25 miles)

.75 mile cool down (I treated this as another part of the workout and stayed at 7.7 mph)

I was out of breath and sweating like crazy.  I used my next 10 minutes to get my mobilization in!  I stretched and stretched and stretched 🙂

Then I showered and RACED to my first appointment of the day…Newcomer’s Orientation.  Funny thing, I’ve been in Dayton for almost 8 months now.  Oh well.  That lasted three hours and was followed by a medical appointment to follow up on my Celiac disease status (PERFECT of course!) and got just enough time to eat lunch.  Then I drove to Oxford, Ohio and spent 3 hours with a bunch of super cool ROTC kids.  It was the highlight of my day telling them what I do for the Air Force and to get them excited about what they can do for the AF as well.  When I got home, a lovely dinner awaited me!

Beef Bourguinon!  Granted, I basically made dinner, but it was lovely coming home to it all ready to eat!

Some oven roasted zucchini on the side 🙂

I love a good hearty meal to round out a busy busy day!

How was your day?  What do you do to keep your sanity on a busy day?  I just try to keep on schedule and eat when I can…when I’m hungry, I feel as if the world is ending!!!!!



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