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Blogger Grouping Strategies

February 10, 2013


Are there any other small, but up and coming food/fitness/health bloggers out there??  Well, then I’ve got a proposal for you 🙂  Zesty Blog Consulting sent me these tips on how to form a blogging network with other bloggers in the same sphere , and I have to admit, they sound logical and appealing!

How It Works

Find bloggers

Look around your blog, who is often commenting on your blog, what blogs you like to read, which bloggers you feel are similar to you. Make a list of bloggers you would like to work with, probably on the same “level” of blogging and possibly not direct competitors.

So as an example, if you are writing a blog about food and nutrition, good matches for you would be blogs about fast and simple meal ideas, healthy eating for kids, registered dietitians and step by step instructional sites. Makes sense?

Contact the bloggers you are interest ed in working with and present them your idea.


The idea

Blogging groups are supposed to support each other, help the members and push them all forward while all of you are working together. It is pretty much a win win for all the members.

Tell your potential team members about this and ask them to reply as soon as possible, letting you know if they are interested.

Get to work

Some of the stuff you can do is:

  1. Have a weekly Skype call where you will list your goals for the week and results from last week (accountability).
  2. Comment on each other blogs and share them on social media (increased social proof).
  3. Create blog series that interlace all of your blogs.
  4. Help each other with guest posts when someone has no time to cover their posting schedule.
  5. Link to each other posts when appropriate with in content relevant links (improved SEO).
  6. Interview each other and feature each other blogs (increased visibility).
  7. Promote each other in your newsletters.
  8. Host a Tweet Party with your group and create an expert panel. ( grow reputation and respect)


Optimal group size

I think 6 to 10 people group is optimal. Less than 6 won’t be enough for increased exposure and social proof and more than 10 is too much to catch up, especially if you are all posting often.

You want to be on top of it all and really contribute to the group, not just share a post here and there from time to time. The more you invest in the group (of course if everyone is on the same page and doing their part) the more will all of you get out of it!

A proven technique that works.

Stay tuned for new workshops.

Any of you other bloggers interested in forming a network?  I’m thinking we could work some magic here!

Let me know!



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  1. February 15, 2013 12:24 pm

    Thanks for your help, Emily!


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