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My Gluten Free Beer Choices

February 1, 2013

So, I received a comment from another blogger on some new to the market GF beer options, and it got me craving…beer!  An icy, cold and refreshing brewskie.  Man, it’s been a few good years (4, but who’s counting?) since I’ve had me a deliciously good beer.  I don’t normally keep beers at home (GF or regular) because I rarely crave them and Hubs doesn’t really drink, but…and that is a bit BUT…when I was at school in Alabama, we had a beer tasting event and, of course, everyone was curious about my strange beverages so I bought two different kinds:


**Photo courtesy of images**

Redbridge Beer




**Photo courtesy of images**

New Planet Off Grid Pale Ale

In my opinion, Red Bridge is a thousand times better than New Planet.  I don’t know what it is, but New Planet (all of their varieties) has this funky after taste, regardless of the temperature.  Most GF beer has to be drunk at the optimal temperature or else you’ll get a funky sorghum flavor, but Redbridge was actually rather pleasant the entire beverage!  Two thumbs up for Redbridge.  Another plus is that it is readily available at most liquor stores and grocery stores that carry alcohol.  New Planet is a bit more scarce.

My all-time favorite GF beer though, is Bards, hands down!


**Photo courtesy of DSC0386-1024×731(pp_w717_h511).jpg**

This one is particularly tough to find, but specialty grocery stores will definitely have it.  It is delightful and the most normal tasting GF beer I’ve had so far.

Some other beers include:

New Grist


**Photo courtesy of LakeFront.jpg**

I’ve not had this one, but I’d like to try it!

The Glutenator



**Photo courtesy of images**

This one was pretty good, but nothing memorable for me.

Omission Beer



**Photo courtesy of images**

This one I find to be super frustrating because it doesn’t actually say it is GF and it is made from malted barley!!!!  Ahhhh!  However, the website says (and so did the grocery store) that it has been specially crafted to remove gluten.  That was a bit too much for me…if its gluten free…JUST SAY IT!!!  I tried it, and it tasted like GF beer.  Nothing special for me.

Those are all of the GF beers that I am familiar with, although I know there are many more in existence.  Not to mention countless delicious hard ciders.

Have you ever had GF beer?  Which ones?  Did you like them/hate them?  I can’t wait to hear!



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  1. February 1, 2013 11:43 pm

    So glad you are posting again! I enjoy reading glutenfree Muse daily!!!!

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