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Slump Day??

January 26, 2013

So, if Wednesday is Hump Day, does that make Thursday Slump Day?  Normally I would concur, but not today!  I snoozed through the first 20 minutes of my alarm this AM, but when I got up, boy was I up!  I speedily got ready and made it to my 6AM crossfit class FULL of energy!  I’m not sure what it was, because I’ve switched my morning beverage from Coffee to Tea (I love love love JavaVana Mate from Teavana but have also been drinking their Imperial Green Tea), so I don’t think it was an overload of caffeine.  Either way, I was motivated to get my workout started!

Skill:  6 sets 2-3 reps Hang Clean/Front Squat

**Worked my way up to 70 lbs, but think I need to stay lighter until my form is perfect**

WOD:  5 rounds for time

10 Push Jerks (55 lbs for first 2 sets/45 lbs for last 3 sets)

10 Push Ups (these were killer after the push jerks!)

10 Ring Rows

10 T2B (toes to bar…I thought I was going to fall off because my grip was shot!)

My hands are on fire and so are my shoulders and forearms.  I powered through, but boy was I tired!

And look what we got!!!!


You can actually see the shape of the snow flake!  How cool is that!

Thought of the day:  I have been receiving these “Notes from the Universe” for several years now.  They are nice little notes I get every morning and reading them keeps my mind active and sometimes resets my mood for the day.  Check out the one from today–

“Alyssa, if you know what you want, and you can remember that “thoughts become things” is the only absolute law at play in time and space, what else matters but what you choose to think today?

The Universe”

Never give up, pursue your dreams is how I translate that.  How do you translate the thought of the day?

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