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Getting My Craft On

January 16, 2013

So, if you read my goals post you know that I have A LOT of craft projects in the line-up.  Just to give you a bit more tangibility, here are some photos 🙂 Who doesn’t love photos??

Up next is my Ladies’ Night!  I love holding these parties monthly if possible, but seeing as I LOVE being a hostess…I tend to go all out.  My checking account would appreciate a break from these parties and in fact she’s asked me to host them quarterly instead.  I’ve politely told her to do her job and pay for the things I like…she hasn’t come back with much since then 😉  The party this month is a mixology/craft party.  The drink?


Photo courtesy of Google images
Lavender Lemon and Thyme Martinis!  I’ll post the recipe after I personally taste test it for you 😉

And the craft?

homemade sugar scrub

Photo courtesy of Google images

I found these on Maybe Matilda, cutest craft site!  I’ll let you know our final choice on decor and our recipe for the sugar scrub.

Another task…organizing the basement and my scrapbook area!  This is less crafty and more of a chore, but I’m going to try to keep it cute so I’m “inspired” to spend more time there!

garage and basement org

Photo courtesy of Google Images

*We also need to organize the garage!*

scrapbook organization

These are cute ways to organize your scrapbooking supplies!  Scrapbooking is so tedious and expansive.  You need SO MUCH to be a heavy duty scrapbooker, but then if you aren’t organized, you forget what you have and just keep buying more.  Vicious cycle…must be broken!

Next up on the chopping block??

piano refinishing

Piano Refurb!  Thanks All Things Thrifty!

And lastly, re-designing the living room and making my own homemade couch slipcovers.  THIS will be a huge undertaking…I’ll be sure to blog on the progress.

Do you keep a running tally of “to-do’s”?  I’m big on it…or else I forget and become very disorganized!  What are some of your tips and tricks?


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