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Paleo Renewal

January 14, 2013

While I was down in Alabama at school for two months, I ate Paleo almost daily along with a pretty regular CrossFit schedule intermixed with fast paced distance runs.  I felt amazing, my waist shrunk, I went down a pant size (haven’t been this size since high school!), and my energy levels and moods were pretty even keel.  THAT is when I know a diet plan is working for me.  And I was ALWAYS hungry…which I love 🙂 I hate eating just to eat, so feeling hungry was a nice motivator to enjoy some yummy meals and not feel like I was eating out of boredom or for my desire to stick to my schedule.

Christmas threw me off of the bandwagon a bit and my evil arch nemesis surfaced yet again…cheese.  Oh cheese, how I love you so, but my insides completely abhor you.  My sister-in-law is lactose intolerant (as am I, but not nearly as severely as she is), so it helped that we weren’t eating much dairy, but we always had cheese sitting out as a snack and when we returned home, Hubby and I continued the cheese trend.  Cheese, cheese EVERYWHERE!  And every time he snacked on it, I snacked on it.  It was my kryptonite.


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However, after a week of having very irregular stomach issues (some that I haven’t had since I was first diagnosed with Celiac disease), I decided the culprit must be named, and he must be promptly removed from the premises.  That’s right…the cheese had to go.  I structured a Paleo meal plan for the week (also ridding my fridge of all bean laden dishes…equally as destructive on my tummy), and purchased an 14 day herbal cleanse regiment.



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I chose this cleanse because it was vegetarian, organic, and gluten free.  I’ll let you know how it works, but let me start off my saying I’m a skeptic when it comes to pre-packaged cleanses.  However, I was desperate and bought this in a moment of weakness while on a Kombucha raid 🙂 Another plus on this cleanse set is that it does NOT contain Senna leaf, which although natural, can be very harsh on your intestines.  In fact, my GI doctor told me I shouldn’t use it (ref:  Smooth Move Tea) because of the damage it caused on my intestines.  I try to use only coffee or Magnesium Citrate as relief mechanisms.

There are several culprits when it comes to my eating habits going awry and/or intestinal trauma for me.  The usual suspects are:  dairy, beans, soy, gluten (duh), coffee (it gives me intense cravings when I drink it too regularly), alcohol (I tend to be “hungrier” if I’ve had a glass or two of wine), and sugar in general.  So, the Paleo diet fits that bill fantastically.  

Tonight’s meal???  Straight out of The Paleo Diet Cookbook by Loren Cordain, PhD.



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The meal for tonight was Coconut Cashew Chicken with Arugula and Avocado Salad.  Sooo good!



The chicken was super easy.  Just marinate the chicken for 2 hrs in full fat coconut milk, and then in a saute pan, sauté onion, garlic, ginger, and tomatoes.  Add in Garam Masala seasoning and combine.  Place it in a blender and puree the mixture.  Then add it to the chicken and coconut milk mixture and let that baby soak up all the goodness!

Then you simply broil the chicken breasts for 20 min (took 25 for mine) turning the chicken halfway.  Top with roasted cashews and enjoy!  It was super tender and held in a ton of moisture.  On the side…



I couldn’t find any arugula at the grocery store…crazy if you ask me.  I swear, people are shopping fresh produce like the world is ending…damn resolutioners!  I kid, I kid!  I’m happy they are trying to change their lifestyles for the better, but c’mon Kroger…you guys should have seen this coming.  Next year, I expect better…

So…instead of arugula, I had spinach, topped with walnuts, raspberries, dill and then I tossed it in EVOO and…wait for it…



Our latest purchase!  While in Indianapolis this weekend, Hubby and I came across this darling farmer’s market in the town of Carmel (also dubbed as the Boca Raton of Indiana…I loved it as much as I love Boca).  The flavor is unbelievable and we could’t wait to use it.

ImageHoney Serrano Balsamic?? Sign me up!  This stuff was fantastic.  Which made this even better…



Delicious dinner.

Do you have anything that you sometimes eat that you know you shouldn’t??  Or something your body reminds you not to eat??


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  1. January 14, 2013 3:40 am

    Gosh the chicken looks and sounds great..

    I’m feeling you with the cheese. I seriously love cheese, but they give me a darned headache every single time. It’s like a slap over the wrist. So I stay away until I’ve kinda forgotten the sting.. then I do it again.

    Oh well, such is life 🙂

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