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Wine Dinner

October 21, 2012

For those of you that have been reading, you may or may not know about my love for wine.  I love analyzing it, sipping it, and comparing it to other wines of similar varieties.  One of my favorite things to do is pair wines with exquisite food selections, and last night, my lovely friends made that dream come true!  I think I may have started a Dayton trend 😉

Our friends Rebecca, Bryan, Vicki, Lauren and Tom came over with wine and paired courses in tow for an evening full of delicious dishes and splendid conversation.  We are already planning our next event!



Rebecca and Bryan really pulled out all the stops for their first course!  Creamy Pumpkin Bisque with a Creme Fraiche swirl and Prosecco to bring out the amazing flavors.  Check out the cute glasses for serving!



Bryan, tending to the soup!



Chit chatting with Prosecco before our first course!



Some finger foods while food finished cooking:  cubed cheeses, mixed nuts, and some GF biscotti for a night cap!



Bread on the side for the non-GFers!



This soup was AMAZING!  It was the quintessential fall dish 🙂 We all started with spoons and then began sipping it out of the adorable cups.



 I tried on my Martha Stewart persona and busted out some fall decor for the festivities!



During dinner, we played a game Hubby and I like to call “Pass the Stack”.  This game is awesome and we all ended up dying laughing 🙂



I was in charge of the main course, since I hosted the event.  To start, Insalata Mista (Italian Mixed Salad).  I followed Giada’s recipe and everybody gobbled it up!


For my entree, we did a blind taste test of two Pinot Noirs (La Crema and Echelon).  Echelon was half the price of La Crema, so I had everyone taste both and say which one they liked better and which one they thought to be more expensive.  Everyone liked the cheaper one better and assumed the other was the more expensive!  We loved both, but agreed the cheaper bottle was perfectly delicious.

Unfortunately, I forgot to snap a photo of my own main course!!  I know, I know…MAJOR food blog fail.  Well, it was Pancetta Encrusted Pork Loin with Herbed Polenta.  Both courtesy of Giada 🙂

For dessert:



Golden delicious apples, stuffed with walnuts, raisins, cinnamon and maple syrup.  They were then baked until perfectly delicious!  Lauren and Tom paired these with Moscato Di Asti.  Lovely and crisp finish to an awesome meal!



Chillin’ with dessert!



Tom, enjoying his beverage 🙂



I’m digging the dessert as you can tell 🙂  I topped my apple with leftover creme fraiche!

I was a bit concerned that we were all going to be toasted after 6 bottles of wine amongst the 7 of us, but actually, we were all fine at the end.  Plenty of food, water, and the fact that the dinner was just over 5 hours long made it safe for everyone to drive home at the end of the night.  Thank you to Vicki for helping with the dishes!



Long fun night, but we were ready for bed!

Have you ever done a dinner party like this?  What food choices did you offer?  How many people came?




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