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What A Weekend! (Part I)

October 17, 2012

Boy oh boy! What a weekend! Hubby decided to spoil me rotten and take me on escapades this weekend before I leave for school for two months 😦

First thing on the menu, a quick run with Beau before breakfast! And then, BREAKFAST!



Yummy kale and almond smoothie!


Coffee on the side!

After breakfast, hubby and I drove to Easton Town Center to meet our cousin, Abby and uncle Chuck! We had lunch at our favorite place, Northstar Cafe, where we get an amazing military discount!! Message me for the amount!!


Townsfair Salad, soo good! Dates, free range chicken, goat cheese, corn, filberts (hazelnuts!) and a champagne vinaigrette. Best salad I’ve had in a long time!! The thing I really love about Northstar is that they are all local and use seasonal produce.

Hubby had a flatbread pizza!


He’s so handsome 🙂

After lunch, we headed to OSU for the pre-game festivities! It was my first skull session!!


The skull session was great! Hubby’s family ties run deep through OSU so this skull session was very meaningful :-). Hubby’s grandmother hopes to be reincarnated as the OSU drum major in her next life. Gosh I love that woman!! 🙂

Did you go to a school with strong heritage and sports programs? Hubby and I went to a school with a 50 year heritage and a smaller sports program, so the OSU production was quite awesome!


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