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Chicken and Tomato Bake

October 4, 2012

Boy oh boy, have I changed! And for the better I believe 🙂 I was exhausted this morning (as I usually am on Mondays!) and chose to sleep in. The old me would have beaten myself up about how lazy I was and how I shouldn’t eat unless I am able to work out. The old me would have then ridden off the day an come home to indulge in wine, chocolate and cheese and then felt terrible and guilty the next day.

So what did I do today?? I woke up, enjoyed the extra sleep, worked hard during the day at work, and left 30 min early to make a 90 min hot yoga class. I filled up 10 min of time before that with a little elliptical to keep it low impact.

There aren’t many yoga studios to choose from in Dayton, but I’ve recently found one that fits the bill and the owner is super cool! It’s called Hot Yoga Dayton and I found them through Living Social! The hot yoga class I went to really did all I needed it to do :-). The owner also asked if I was interested in going to a week long intensive teacher training with her in Chicago!! I’m hoping its in January so I can attend!!

In other news, I’ve recently applied to be a Lululemon Ambassador! I know I only applied, but I received an inquiry email to my application and I’m stoked! I’m going to meet the manager in a few days :-). I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

In foodie news, Hubby made an AWESOME dinner tonight! And he survived some extreme odds…a haphazardly strewn recipe! I found a recipe on this site called Practical Paleo Living and made a few swaps (Roma tomatoes) and additions (mushrooms). He navigated my careless notes and 20 min voicemail instructions like a champ!


It smelled like an Italian kitchen when I came home. Such a comforting smell 🙂


The chicken was succulent and perfectly crisped on both sides in coconut oil and lightly dusted with Italian spices. Hubby asked if I knew what the secret ingredient was to make this meal taste so good…I couldn’t figure it out. What did he say??


Vital Wheat Gluten. I dropped my jaw in complete shock. It was like he said Lord Voldemort’s name in front of Dumbledore!! We don’t speak such sacrilege in our home. He proceeded to giggle like a child and I knew he was obviously joking.



Some after dinner cuddle time with daddy and Beau Beau green eyes! Love those boys 🙂



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