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Easy Paleo Meal

October 1, 2012

Tonight’s dinner was scrumptious! Hubby and I divided and conquered: I marinated the chicken, prepped and cooked the sweet potatoes and prepped the asparagus. Hubby cooked the chicken and asparagus! Team work is always the best! Another reason I love this meal: easiest clean up ever!



I line the sweet potatoes on a foil lined baking sheet, toss with EVOO, S & P and bake for 25 min at 425! Clean-up: toss the foil! Same for the asparagus, except I roasted them for 6 min. The chicken was marinated in a freezer Ziploc with GF soy sauce, red pepper flakes and orange marmalade.


While the chicken looks burned, the inside was as moist as they come! Clean-up: toss the Ziploc!

This meal was easy, healthy and satisfying! I only ate half of my chicken. It was nearly a 10 oz piece!

Today, I did a light bar class (20 min) in the morning followed by a mile jog with Beau. This afternoon, I led office fitness and we conducted a mock fitness test. I did 51 push ups, 60 sit ups and a 10:09 min 1.5 mile run. I was bummed (don’t cringe) because we tested inside and my time increased by 30 seconds! Apparently this is typical (you run 13.5 laps rather than 3 outside), but it was a blow to my self esteem for sure!

Have you ever set a fitness standard for yourself only to disappoint yourself at a later time when you fall short of that standard? How did you handle it?

Have a great night!


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