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Bring on the Butter!!

September 22, 2012

This weekend, Hubby’s cousin Abby came to visit!! She showed up while I was running the AF half marathon (worst race of my life: extra 1.5 miles, tripping and bleeding all over, and projectile vomit of bile after finishing…no bueno!!) and we really enjoyed her visit :-). Now that I’ve sufficiently disgusted all readers, let’s move on to food!


Butter is located near University of Dayton in downtown Dayton, and is on a very cute street. I found them online when searching for gluten free restaurants in the area.


The wait was supposed to be quite long and we were starved so we headed to Starbucks for some liquid calories 🙂


Very uncharacteristic of me, but I ordered a pumpkin spice chai! It just sounded right for the beautiful fall day we were having.


We were surprised to be seated as soon as we returned!! Cutest decor inside 🙂


Ikea light!!


Water in mason jars, very cool!


I ordered the GF waffle to share with the table and it was hands down the BEST GF waffle I’ve ever tasted :-). Will order again!


Omelets to share. They were just ok.


Daddy and Beaubie “legs” hug!!

Off to Oktoberfest, catch ya later!

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