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Wonderful Weekend

September 9, 2012

Boy oh boy, what a great weekend! I felt super productive, very rested and also relaxed. Love it when I can hit all three of those in the 2 days of “me” time I get a week!

This morning hubby and I sold my gps watch (Garmin Forerunner 110) for $75 on Craigslist! I just bought a Nike+ and love it! Helped to even out the cost differential. Then I went and played a 90 min soccer game. I forgot to eat breakfast, but felt great during the game. When we got home, however, I decided to do some foam rolling because I forgot to stretch after my 10 miler. While doing that I started to feel a bit queasy and shaky…probably all the lactic acid release and no food in my tummy! I whipped up a quick smoothie (not pictured because it was consumed with great speed!) to stop the shakes and then finished making my lunch. To start, an open faced ham and Brie sandwich on GF bread 🙂

On the side, strawbs, plum, cottage cheese, apple butter and almond butter all over a piece of gluten free walnut torta that I made with a GF mix I picked up in Italy!! So good 🙂

These hit the spot!!

Thinking about reading outside or taking a nice hot bath…votes??

Also, check out the big screen our neighbors put up for football season!!! Hoping to have some yard parties 🙂


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