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D’illa Delish!

September 4, 2012

Another iPhone post here! Sorry for the gap in posts, but I’ve been drained! Usually traveling back to the states is much easier to adjust than when traveling to Europe, but not this time! I think hubby and I are both getting a bit sick. We’ve both had headaches and allergies since our return :-(. But hey, enough of the pity party, how about some food!!

D’illa was provided to Hubby and I as a suggestion by our concierge at Crossing Condotti hotel in Rome. Thank goodness because in a few bouts of starvation, hubby and I fell pray to the tourist trap restaurants only to leave with bad attitudes. D’illa on the other hand was a lovely and original experience and not too pricey either.

The decor was super chic and the wait staff was wonderful!!

I enjoyed a local wine during our meal…want to say it was an Orvieto, but I could be completely wrong. It was splendid!

First course was a cheese and meat board for two. We were both full after this course!! It was wonderful. We were both able to try all four cheeses and meats without over indulging.

My plate!

Next course was for hubby only :-). It was a large shell pasta tossed in ricotta with peas, Parmesan and thyme. He loved it! Kept saying how fresh it tasted.

Final course was veal! I had one bite and determined the gravy was not gluten free (suffered slight stomach pangs later for that misjudgment), but I thoroughly enjoyed the veggies!

A sauté of summer veggies in the cutest serving dish!

The bill…

How fun is that!?

For dessert, we walked 10 min for gelato and were told this was the best in town.


I didn’t photograph our gelato, but I ordered caramel, which they put in a cone and then threw a fit when I corrected them and asked for a cup (senza glutine got me rolled eyes from the staff). Not to mention the caramel tasted like butterscotch. Very different flavors if you ask me! I ended up throwing it away :-(. Other than Giolotti, our trip was amazing!! Still lots more to post! Thanks for your patience 🙂

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