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Montone–Italian Medieval Procession

August 26, 2012

Posting from the iPhone, so bear with me! Hubby and I elected not to bring the DSLR on this outing simply because of the bulk 🙂 however, without the benefit of wifi EVERYWHERE it’s taken me a while to get to these!


Montone is a beautiful, yet tiny village with an enchanting fortress at its precipice. Each year in the summer time (Aug), they host their annual Medieval procession commemorating the birth of their city. We decided to take a field trip to check it out!!


Hubby playing daddy!! Doesn’t he look good?? 😉


Some of the gorgeous views from the hilltop village!!


The children of Montone…they were so excited to partake in the procession!



We gathered atop the from the procession until a few of the members kindly guided us to where the remainder of the crowd was. Thank goodness or we wouldn’t have seen a thing! (just realized the photo quality degraded because of my size choice…upgraded from this point forward!)


The crowded square where we waited in sweltering heat/excited anticipation!


Mommy and baby house guests!! We loved getting to know everyone in the house!!


Some of the costumed “processioniers”!! The whole idea of the procession was that prior to the existence of Montone, there were 3 warring factions (or 3 separate but coexisting factions, we couldn’t quite figure out that via translation) all of different specialties (farmers, hunters, soldiers) that united to form the city of Montone. The procession was trying to show their unification and the celebration of the city’s birth.


These two performed a very impressive dance routine on stilts throughout the entire procession! There were several steep hills that I didn’t even feel comfortable on in my hiking sandals!


Gelato for all! This certainly helped to mitigate the effects of the heat (or at least that was the logic we used to rationalize getting gelato ;-)).


The procession was a bit longer than any of us expected and before we knew it, we needed to head back for dinner! Our entire party, except for my dad, was on one side of the procession. When it was time to leave, we signaled to him to go the opposite way and meet us outside the city. We ended up having to cut across the procession (got several nasty looks and apparently a scolding from an older Italian woman), but my dad was trapped!! We had to walk around the entire town to find him! We found this police horse while we waited for him to turn up 🙂

Great trip! The kiddos LOVED it :-). More tomorrow!


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