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London Day 2

September 9, 2011

Sorry for the delay in posting, but this might help to explain…Wordpress actually had to cut me off because I had too many pictures in the upload queue 🙂  We took a ton of photos!  Here we go!

Buckingham Palace!


That is us!! We were there!!

Statues in the fountains outside the palace.

St. James Park…beautiful

Cute duckie!

Loved this shot.

Big Ben and Parliament

We were walking down the street when a royal motorcade came barreling down the street.  Jeff swears this is Prince William…too bad we can’t actually tell 🙂

For lunch I had a chicken curry with basmati rice and Hubby had…

Fish and Chips, of course 🙂

Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery.  There was a para-olympic event going on out front of the gallery as well.

Hubby took this for his sister…Duck Tour UK!

Royal Stables

Westminster Abbey

St. Margaret’s Church

Us at Westminster Abbey! We were there!

Us and Ben 🙂

And the beautiful Tower Bridge.

Hubby and I really only were able to go see the National Gallery…all of the others were closed!  We then went to a really cool wine tasting gallery called Vinopolis.  We each were able to sample 6 wines and a Sapphire Bombay cocktail before dinner with Tom and JP.  Twas fun 🙂

Dinner was at Oxo Restaurant overlooking the Thames River.  Beautiful setting and great food!  I had seared scallops over a saffron mash.  Hubby had suckling pig and black pudding!

Dessert was a walk to “Scoop” the fresh gelato place in Covent Garden.  I had white chocolate and pistachio and Hubs had hazelnut and straticello.  So good!

Off to France!

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  1. September 10, 2011 12:33 am

    How FUN!! And Gorgeous!! I would so love to travel overseas someday…

    • September 12, 2011 4:02 pm

      Lauri, highly recommend it! Bruges in Belgium is an amazingly charming and romantic city…highly recommend that next to London for a first time Euro Trip.

  2. Jimbo permalink
    September 10, 2011 1:33 am

    What a great gastronomic adventure! Wonder how the French cuisine will compare?

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