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Did Someone Say Tacos?

May 23, 2011

Well, yes, I did actually 🙂

Let me put this plainly for you…corn tortillas, truffled roasted potatoes (yes, I said truffled), rotisserie chicken, parmesan cheese, and spicy hummus.

Oh right, and some glorious avocado!!

I know I’m bragging about how awesome this was, but in actuality, I ate a third!!  And guess what Hubby did with the rest…he threw it away!!  I almost ripped his head off!  But let me put it in perspective for you…he is the 26 year old (almost 27 mind you) that still won’t eat the end pieces of bread.  I have to trick him by flipping them inside out.  Then he wonders where they went…MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

In this house, we don’t waste ANYTHING!!  Or at least under my watch.  If it were up to him, we would throw away all of our unused groceries after they sat in a fridge for more than 3 days…:-)

What are your rules for saving foods or throwing them away?  Obviously if something is rotten it is going to be thrown away, but what are your limits?

Also, if you all get the chance, head over here, and vote for Hail Merry in the vegetarian food awards!!  They have some of the most delectable treats (macaroons oh me oh my!)

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