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Hangry Pants

May 9, 2011

Today was full of craziness!  This morning, I ran a 25K (that is a 15.5 mile race) on a crazy hilly trail…I’m not sure that I am much of a trail runner!! I hadn’t been training on hills, so this course was tough.  Not to mention, you had to run 2×8 mile laps!!  Not a fan of laps that long 🙂

After the race, I got my post-race massage as usual and it was fantastic!  Love Melanie my masseuse.  Then I began to ran errands.  I was starved and fetched some Whole Foods for lunch (one of my favorites) and then swung by Target for some summer vase fillers.

Doesn’t it look fab!?!  So yum 🙂

Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite full, so I made myself a little Caprese Sandwich!  Great Harvest GF Buckwheat, pesto, campari tomatoes, and fresh mozza cheese 🙂  This really was the icing on the cake.

I also brought a nice little bit of summer home.  Now since the weather is changing, the lemons match the season!

How is the weather where you are at?  It is finally getting toasty here…in fact it was almost too hot today!

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