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You’re Running WHAT Distance??

December 14, 2010

Yes, this is the breakfast of a girl that is about to run 16 miles FOR HER VERY FIRST TIME!

I’ve begun getting a bit nervous for my upcoming marathon and wished that I had given myself more time to train! So, in order to up my chances of success on today’s run, I had a hearty breakfast 🙂

A slice of Ceres’ Kitchen Mock Rye bread, toasted and topped with TJs almond flaxseed butter and sliced banana!

And a homemade Hazelnut Latte made with Caftea‘s Creme Brulee Brew mixed with So Delicious Hazelnut Creamer. Outta this world!

This was a great way to start off my day. The run was a success as well! I had 2 Gu Gels and did the walk run method to save my knees. I am definitely using it for the day of the marathon! 16 miles under my belt, feeling much more confident 🙂

Have you ever run a marathon? What is your favorite pre-run/race breakfast?

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