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Breakfast of Champions!

September 23, 2010

No, not Wheaties! I’m talking a big, luscious, creamy bowl of oats! Oh…yes…:-)

Check out this beautiful concoction!

1/2 cup Bob’s GF Oats, 1 tbsp Nuttzo (homemade of course!), 2 tbsp fat free cottage cheese, 1/4 cup chunky natural apple sauce, 1/2 melted banana, and topped off with a few chunks of Hail Merry Grawnola! (Lemon Blue Agave). The crunch was perfect and the flavor was AMAZING! Really gave this bowl of oats the kick that it needed 🙂

What is your favorite way to “spice” up your morning meal? I love the new cottage cheese trick and a bit of texture!

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  1. September 23, 2010 7:50 am

    I put peanut butter and bananas in oatmeal if I want something warm – I ‘cook’ the ripe banana into the oatmeal for the last few minutes of cooking time so it ‘melts’ into the oatmeal and gives it a banana bread like flavor. Then I stir in peanut butter or walnuts. Yum!! For a cool breakfast, I love peanut butter banana soft serve. Can you tell I’m stuck on peanut butter and bananas? 🙂

  2. September 23, 2010 1:25 pm

    As simple as it sounds, I like to add a tbsp of nuts to my breakfast: on PB toast, in oatmeal, on top of fruit. It just adds a nice extra crunch!

    • September 23, 2010 1:49 pm

      Holly, that makes me think of jamba juice oatmeal! I always get nuts for my topping 🙂 A little crunch goes a long way!

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  3. spoonfulofsugarfree permalink
    September 23, 2010 1:40 pm

    Oh my fav way is eating a different kind oatmeal every day! Not the same topping two days in a row. For example, on my blog right now I recently “discovered” mocha oatmeal!

  4. Maria @ Kale and Cupcakes permalink
    September 23, 2010 2:19 pm

    For me, it’s usually a new fruit or mix-in in my oatmeal – I get pretty bored if I don’t mix things up!

    • September 23, 2010 2:46 pm

      Maria, i totally get the same way! Switch it up!

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  5. September 23, 2010 2:42 pm

    I love oatmeal but haven’t been eating it lately because it makes me overheat if I eat a warm breakfast on a warm morning. I am looking forward to enjoying it this fall and winter though!

  6. September 23, 2010 3:12 pm

    That looks like SUCH the awesomest oatmeal ever!!
    For extra spicy oatmeal I’ve been loving added grainy texture (groats), plus pb/ab (of course), and adding some variety in the fruit department…. banana is a given, but also raisins or apples. Also recently tried applesauce cooked in the oats – fab!

    Hot skirt!! I’ve scored a couple great finds on super sale at Anthro too. love their stuff.

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