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Day 16: The Craigslist GURU!

September 7, 2010

Today has been great! I’ve had lots of energy and been very interactive in the workplace. Some days, you just don’t want to interact…just get my work done and get home! 🙂 I know you have all felt that way. I am inherently a people person, so I try to stick with my persona as much as possible 🙂

Got up at 4:45AM for Body Pump. Gosh I love that class! I was shaking halfway through from pushing my muscles so hard, and yes, I am sore within a few hours of class! Love it! I also have started wearing more tanks so I can see my muscle development…I’m loving it! Had a pre-workout snack of protein berry oats and scarfed that down. I was amazed how hungry I was this morning!

Got to work and ate my brekkie, 1/2 c hot cereal with 1 tbsp pecan butter.

The Artisana Pecan Butter is delish 🙂

I had a bunch of meetings in a row, so I went to those and then met at the gym to cheer on one of my co-workers as she took her fitness test. I happened to get there in enough time to run with her and pace her! She didn’t get the score she wanted, but was still really happy with her time. I was glad to be able to help her. Got finished with that and finished up my 4 mile quota for the day 🙂 Here are the workout totals for the day!

Body Pump
1.5 mile fit test with my co-worker
2.5 miles to round off my 4 mile req for today!

570 calories

Hurried to shower and change so I could get back to work for a promotion party! This day has been a whirlwind. Scarfed down my post workout snack and 30 minutes later, my eggs 🙂

2 HBE and scrambled egg whites with Tomato Basil Mrs. Dash

On my way home, I picked up a lightbulb for my front headlight. I have been driving around illegally (piddiddle)  for about a week and finally stopped to grab a bulb! Does anyone know how to remove an intake valve? It didn’t work…my hand turned black and the intake valve is still in place 😦 Thank goodness for Hubby!

I came home to two new packages!

Peanut Flour! I’ve been dying to try this stuff, so I ordered some…$3.99 for a lb. Not bad!

Check out the stats 🙂

Awesome stats! Less fat and lower calories 🙂

Second package…this one I have been checking for daily!

My Giveaway Package from Holly!

Nutzo PF looks fantastic! I’m super excited to try it :0)

And she threw in a surprise!

Raw Crunch Bars! I’ve been dying to try these too! Holly, you read my mind! Thanks so much!

Dinner was a combo of leftovers, but I threw in a special treat 🙂

Garlic Gold Original Nuggets 🙂

Can you see them?

Crunchy, garlicky goodness!! Amylu‘s Chicken Sausage, roasted veggies (to include chayote squash), and a baked sweet potato!

Thing of beauty, ain’t it? All in my lovely CaliBowl!

Guess where Hubby is tonight? Driving 4 hours round trip to buy a hearth for $90.  Oh, Hubby 🙂 He is a Craigslist connoisseur, so adventures like this are not uncommon!

Does your Hubby/Boyfriend have a hobby that you find to be ridiculous at times? And even if you find it frustrating, you can’t help but think, “Oh he’s so cute!”

P.s. Alex from Spoonful of Sugarfree is my Artisana winner! Alex, email me at with your mailing address and full name so I can get that package shipped ASAP!

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  1. spoonfulofsugarfree permalink
    September 8, 2010 12:08 am

    Peanut Flour? Wow, never heard of it! What’s the protein content? Because peanuts tend to have a lot of protein…

    Yay! I am so excited to get the Artisana nut butters! Yippee 🙂 Thanks, Alyssa!

    • September 8, 2010 12:12 am

      I believe it’s about 7g but I’ll have to check. Not a problem! Congrats Alex!

      Sent from my iPhone

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