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Day 3: Hmmmm

August 23, 2010

So, I woke up this morning hating life…granted it was 4:35AM and I was heading to work knowing I would be there until 6PM…good enough reason, right? Waking up at 4:35AM is fun for me when I am going to workout, but straight to work? Yuck!

I stopped on my way to get a cup of coffee at Starbuckaroos…I had a soy latte yesterday and had to throw it away halfway through…ENTIRELY TOO SWEET! It is crazy how much I am intolerant of sweeteners now that I am not eating them (thanks Kat!). The Vanilla Soy was too much! However, I don’t like drinking coffee without a bit of milk, so I was torn today. I ended up getting a Caffe Misto (half coffee/half soy milk) and that was decent. Still too much milk I think. I’m trying really hard to stick to the diet, but coffee was a must! Kat, is coffee ok? What about with a little bit of soymilk? I think tomorrow I will get just plain coffee and ask them to leave room for a bit of soy…that will be closer to the diet 🙂 What is your favorite Starbucks drink?

For breakfast, I had two pieces of Great Harvest GF Buckwheat toast with 1 Tbsp of Almond Butter, 2 eggs and 4 egg whites…seems like a lot of food, but my body needs it! It starts screaming at me in an hour if I don’t eat it all 🙂


Two of these 🙂

Midmorning snack was 6 oz of greek yogurt with an apple, 2 wedges of Light laughing Cow Cheese (so good!), and a La Croix for some lovely bubbly 🙂

So decadent and thick!

Nuff Said!

Midafternoon snack was my workout snack. 1/2 cup steel cut oats with 1 cup of berries and a scoop of protein powder all tossed together! I love this meal, so wholesome and filling…although, it has been a bit sweet…I checked my protein powder and there is WAY TOO MUCH SUGAR! I’m going to look for a low sugar whey supplement this weekend…good thing I’m almost out!

My workout was much better than yesterday’s, but not entirely full.  I’ve been having pain in my left foot, which is strange and new.  I’ve been trying to take it easy but not slack off at the same time.  The prescribed workout tonight was 6 mile tempo run with 4 miles at a 7:13 pace.  Instead I did 4 miles with 2 miles at a 7:13 pace.  I felt great until I finished…then the pain in the foot 😦  We’ll see if I workout tomorrow.  I plan on swimming the next day for sure!

Dinner was a bit of a cheat, but honestly, I don’t think I can eat tuna straight from a can…makes me feel like a cat 😦 So I made a light tuna salad (1 tbsp veganaise, 1 tbsp relish, 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar) along with steamed veggies and quinoa. I had 4.3 oz of the tuna, 3/4 cup quinoa, and 1 cup (maybe a little more) of the veggies. Really tasty…still hungry after!

Yummy tuna salad!

Latenight snack of cottage cheese with nutbutter….another small cheat…about a tablespoon and a half of nutbutter…I’ve been really craving it!

Have you had injuries that you have had to nurse?  When is your favorite time of day to workout?

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  1. Laurie Black permalink
    August 23, 2010 5:35 pm

    So Alyssa, why in the world are you dieting? And as for my favorite Starbuck’s drink: decaf grande, 2 Splenda, nonfat latte, light foam, fill it to the brim and chocolate powder sprinkles! It’s known at my Starbuck’s as the Laurie Latte!

    • August 23, 2010 10:53 pm

      Hi Laurie!

      Not really a diet 🙂 More like a toning goal! I should have gone to you for S-bucks advice! You’re the queen! Thanks for visiting the blog!


  2. August 23, 2010 5:39 pm

    I wouldn’t call it an actual injury — but I do have knee pain sometimes when I run. I’ve been to the doctor, and they tell me to rest more often and to foam roll/stretch every day, get new shoes, etc.

    So I do watch it and if it really hurts, I stop. Kinda sucks though 🙂

    Congrats again on winning the PF Nuttzo — it will be in the mail tonight!

  3. spoonfulofsugarfree permalink
    August 23, 2010 6:01 pm

    Is that a fuji apple I spy??? They are my favorite kind of apple! always crunchy and sweet and fresh 🙂

    And my sister uses a whey protein that just uses stevia for the sweetener, and she also uses a whey protein that is totally unflavored or sweetened at all-good for fruit smoothies when you don’t want the powder to taste.

    Personally, I don’t recommend whey protein, though. It is derived from dairy, and is much more heavily processed than other proteins.

    • August 23, 2010 10:50 pm

      Alex, thanks for the heads up on the whey. I did buy that, but next time, I’ll try another form 🙂 One of them is made from yams and whey!


  4. August 23, 2010 7:24 pm

    You are so hard working and you get so much accomplished in a day! I’m sorry that your work has you up at the crack of dawn. I’m not a morning person, so I definitely sympathize.

    La Croix is my bubbly of choice, too! Their lime flavor is so refreshing. Have you tried it? =)

    Ouch, I hope your foot feels better soon! ❤

    • August 23, 2010 10:50 pm

      Kaz, I feel like I have to wake up when it is dark to be able to do that though! So many things I want to do and cannot 😦


  5. August 23, 2010 8:45 pm

    My favorite Starbucks drink is Cafe Americano (water & expresso) and I ask them to put about an inch of steamed soy. It’s actually cheaper than a latte even though it has similar ingredients.

    I like tuna too but not straight from the can either, I mix a little mayo, celery for crunch and then peppers.

    • August 23, 2010 10:51 pm

      Lea, I will have to give that drink a try. Espresso and water though? Hmm, I’m suspicious 😉


  6. August 23, 2010 8:54 pm

    Fave S-bucks drink would probably be the soy Misto, though I know what you mean about the quantity of milk in it. I would definitely go with straight coffee with room and top it off w/ soy milk.

    It’s amazing how your taste for sweets can change when you cut out sweeteners! I did it for about a week in spring (due to raging sweet tooth) and by the end of the week a piece of fruit tasted like CANDY! It’s a great thing to do, eliminating the sweets for a period of time. I really felt cleansed 🙂

    I had terrible knee pain back in college that forced me to completely stop running and only do spinning. It sucked! Here’s to hoping your injury isn’t too serious or long-lasting.. :-\

  7. August 24, 2010 12:29 am

    There is NO way I would be able to get up at 4:35am and be in a decent mood!! I dont’ know how you even get up and go to work that early.

    I don’t do much coffee–like rarely ever, but when I do get it, I like a hazlenut latte with soymilk–yum 😉

    Hope your foot feels better soon! I have had trouble with my lower right side of my back and it really annoys me in my yoga practice. I’m learning what aggravated it and how to modify poses, but it sure is annoying!

    • August 24, 2010 3:40 am

      Kim, you would be surprised what you could do if you had to!! Good coffee choice!


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