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Amazing Grass Giveaway!!!

August 20, 2010

Ladies, and now some Gents (welcome guys!),

I am proud to announce that Amazing Grass has selected my blog to be a forum for yet another Amazing Grass Giveaway!  How totally awesome!  Remember that awesome sampler pack that I received from them??  In case you don’t check it out here for the reminder 🙂 Well, should you win this giveaway, you will be getting the EXACT SAME ONE!!!!

In case this overwhelms you, let me just show you a few things you can do with Amazing Grass products 🙂

Yummy Green Monsters of ALL varieties!

And more delish bars that you could dream of!

Berry delicious 🙂

Look at all that GREEN!

Another Green Monster just to round it out 🙂

To enter, just follow these simple steps:

1. What is your favorite Amazing Grass Product and why? If you haven’t ever had it, what would you be most interested to taste?

2. Link this giveaway and advertise it through your blog!

3. Comment on another person’s blog regarding this Amazing Grass Giveaway, I want as many people as possible to have a chance to win this amazing prize pack!

4.  Lastly, subscribe to my blog and add me to your blogroll!

Entries for the Giveaway end on Saturday at 10PM…so get your entries in now! Good luck to you all! I look forward to reading your responses 🙂

39 Comments leave one →
  1. August 20, 2010 11:04 am

    I have never used Amazing Grass. Not even sure if I’ve seen it around here–or maybe I just haven’t been paying attention which the most likely reason-lol! I would love to try the bars. I love having gluten free bars to throw in my purse!

    You are already on my blogroll 😉 and I will subscribe!
    Have a great day!

    • August 20, 2010 1:42 pm

      Kimberly, the bars are delish! So are the powders 🙂

      Alyssa 🙂

      Sent from my iPhone

  2. August 20, 2010 12:04 pm

    ha! the title of your post made me giggle….with medical marijuana being legal in colorado and all 😉
    ok-you can just send me all the products now! i’ve never had them, but yeah, having a gf snack on hand is ALWAYS convenient and beneficial.
    I’d love to try the bars, because i’ve only heard good things about them!
    i’ll be subscribing to yer blog, girlie 🙂

    • August 20, 2010 1:41 pm

      Heather, I spottedy first dispensary! It would have been a fitting name 🙂

      Alyssa 🙂

      Sent from my iPhone

  3. August 20, 2010 12:44 pm

    I would love to try the Superfood bars — those look great and I’ve heard they are delicious! I will post about this giveaway in my post tomorrow for sure 🙂

  4. Jordan P permalink
    August 20, 2010 12:49 pm

    I’m a big fan of the one Superfood bar I ever tried! My friend got a batch and we had one for a post workout snack. Very yummy…

  5. August 20, 2010 2:09 pm

    i tried the chocolate amazing grass bar on my trek in tibet and it was so good! definitely my favorite amazing grass product so far!

    • August 20, 2010 2:18 pm

      Lauren! Tibet! How awesome! I want to hear about it. My hubby and I would love that!! Alyssa 🙂

      Sent from my iPhone

  6. August 20, 2010 3:34 pm

    I would love to try the whole food energy bars… other than that, I have no idea what Amazing Grass is so I’d love to find out! 🙂

  7. August 20, 2010 4:18 pm

    I’d be most interested in tasting some of those bars! Great for a quick snack or workout recovery on the go!

    • August 20, 2010 11:45 pm

      Great point, Katie! Thanks for blogrolling me and following!


  8. August 20, 2010 4:19 pm

    Also, I already follow you and you are on my blog roll 🙂

  9. August 20, 2010 9:53 pm

    My favorite AG product is the berry whole food energy bar!! 🙂

    • August 20, 2010 11:46 pm

      Em, I would have to concur that one is delish!


  10. Kassi permalink
    August 21, 2010 12:10 am

    I haven’t tried it yet (it’s so expensive!), but I frequently dream about the chocolate superfood… and the bars look pretty tasty too!

    • August 21, 2010 5:20 am

      Kassi, the bars are fantastic! I hope you don’t get addicted if you win!


  11. Kassi permalink
    August 21, 2010 12:12 am

    I can’t find a link to subscribe to your blog, but you’re in my google reader! (that counts, right? I read all your posts, anyway 🙂

  12. August 21, 2010 12:42 pm

    You are on my blogroll and I subscribed also!

  13. sophie permalink
    August 21, 2010 2:40 pm

    i have always wanted to try the chocolate superfood bar- awesome giveaway!

  14. August 21, 2010 10:43 pm

    The only Amazing Grass I’ve tried is the little Chocolate packet…and it was delicious! I was pleasantly surprised because I thought somehow it would not be chocolatey enough, but it was!

  15. August 21, 2010 10:46 pm

    Apparently, I’m not fully recovered from my outing last night since I can’t figure out how to subscribe! But, I am following you on Twitter & added you to my Blogroll! 🙂

    • August 21, 2010 10:54 pm

      Haha, not a problem, Nicole! Welcome to GF Muse! The button might not be showing up 🙂


  16. August 21, 2010 11:00 pm

    I love Amazing Grass products. I’ve had samples of the wheat grass powder and Green Superfood Chocolate Drink powder. I like adding them to green monster drinks or when I’m feeling run down, I like taking wheat grass shots.

    I’ve subscribed and added you to my blog roll 🙂

    • August 22, 2010 2:28 pm

      Hi Healthy Coconut! Thanks for visiting GF Muse! I’ll write back to your email shortly 🙂 Thanks for entering the giveaway!


  17. August 22, 2010 1:32 am

    I had these once before and really enjoyed the chocolate superfood bar.

  18. August 22, 2010 1:32 am

    I am subscribing/reader!

  19. August 22, 2010 6:22 am

    Superfood bars are fantastic!!

  20. Katie permalink
    August 24, 2010 1:03 am

    I’ve been wanting to try the Green Superfood Chocolate Drink powder but have never had any of the Amazing Grass products. I’ve been intrigued by them for a while now. Great giveaway!

    • August 24, 2010 3:46 am

      Katie, the green superfood chocolate powder is awesome! Welcome to GF Muse!


  21. August 25, 2010 5:44 am

    I’ve never had any of these products but what caught my attention is the Green Superfood bar. I’ve never seen anything like that, a chocolate bar that is green inside, wow that’s interesting, I’d love to try it.

    • August 25, 2010 11:17 am

      Magda, Amazing Grass products are great! The giveaway is over, but perhaps you will be lucky enough to catch the next one 🙂 Welcome to GF Muse!



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