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Friday Night Delight!

July 24, 2010

It is so nice to have Hubby home 🙂 It really makes our house feel more like a home when he is here!  I also have been sleeping better…weird how that works, eh??

While I have been sleeping better, I also tend to sleep more when he is here!!!  Why am I more tired?  I had every intention of getting up at 4:30 to go to spin class, and I did get up!!  I was wide awake at 4:30, but the problem was, I didn’t want to be.  I wanted to be back in bed with him!  So I decided I would sleep in.  That didn’t work so well…I kept staring at the clock and freaking out about giving up my workout on Friday.  I eventually got back out of bed and threw on my running clothes, I put on my Garmin and ran out the door…I had no idea where I was going, all I knew was that I had 30 minutes to do what I would normally do in an hour or so.

I ended up running just over 4 miles in 31 minutes.  Burned about 395 calories (not bad), but that run was HARD!!  My butt was so sore from Body Pump on Thursday morning that I felt like my legs were full of lead!  But, I persevered 🙂

For breakfast I had some leftover pumpkin overnight oats topped with a sliced banana.  Yummy!!

I was running around attending meetings and farewell parties all morning, so lunch came fast!  I had some leftover sweet and sour tofu…really hit the spot!!

I took this picture at work…don’t you love the piece of the photo you can see in the background?? It is a picture from our wedding and a co-worker got it and framed it for me!!  How sweet 🙂 It is one of my favorite pictures!

Hubby was home all day working hard in our yard.  We have a 1/2 acre lot, so mowing the grass is one heck of a chore!  His dad always jokes with him about how we haven’t gotten a yard service yet…no way!!  We are proud youngin’s 🙂 We will mow our grass! (until we have enough money to afford a yard service :-))

When I got home, I got started cooking!!  Not our dinner though, Saturday night’s dinner!  We are hosting a Cuban Dinner Party at our house tonight! And I had a lot to cook!  Black beans, pork, plantains, corn fritters, homemade mango peach jalapeno dipping sauce, and most importantly, FLAN!!  All recipes will be posted after we determine if our efforts were a success 🙂

Since we didn’t have time for dinner, we ate some more blueberry cinnamon goat cheese with Crunchmaster crackers as an appetizer, and I sipped on some German Riesling (went very well with the cheese).  I just tried a new type of cracker, their sea salt variety…FANTASTIC!!!  Lower in calories too 🙂

Hubby had a fantastic idea for dinner though…AMY‘S GF PIZZA!!!

I’m not being paid to say this, but for a frozen GF/DF/Vegan pizza, this was absolutely AMAZING!! Way to go Amy!!  We split this personal pan pizza due to the amount of cheese we had consumed and it was absolutely delish!  10 minutes in a toaster oven and then enjoy!

Even better yet, we dipped our pizza in this!

I just received an amazingly generous package in the mail from Melanie’s Gourmet Foods!!  This was one of their sauces…it complemented the pizza beautifully 🙂

Check out the variety they sent me!

Sauces, dry rubs, and marinades OH MY!! I cannot wait to try these with all my other dishes!!

Easy night at home, can’t wait for the party!!

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  1. July 24, 2010 9:58 pm

    I’m drooling, just so you know. xD

    Gluten free AND dairy free pizza? Amy’s Foods really needs to be introduced to my belly, and soon. Those marinades look yummy. I can see myself soaking a chicken breast (for Amor) in one of those.

    I think I need to crash your party tonight. Black beans, corn fritters, plantains, mango-peach-jalapeno, but most importantly, flan!? Most dairy foods I can turn my nose up at, but for flan, I’d take the stomach ache. Oh yes, in a heart beat! LOL

    I hope your party goes well, and you have lots of fun! And please share that flan recipe! Hehe.

    • July 24, 2010 10:53 pm


      Wish you could come! I think you would enjoy it 🙂 Recipes will definitely be posted!!


  2. July 25, 2010 1:15 am

    Glad your hubby made it home safe and sound 🙂

    I LOVE Amy’s pizzas. I almost got one for dinner tonight but I am not eating grains right now so I passed. Can’t wait to hear about your dinner party!

    I am on vacation so can’t blog(downloading pics on someone else’s computer isn’t working!), but am glad I can at least keep up with others 😉

    • July 25, 2010 4:17 am


      Glad to hear from you while on vacation!! I hope you are having a fantastic time 🙂 No grains, impressive! I would definitely not eat this pizza then 🙂 Once you are back on grains (if you do go back) you must try this version…so tasty!!


  3. July 25, 2010 3:45 am

    Nice to know that the pizza tasted good — they look good but are a little too expensive for me to try and not like, know what I mean? Sometimes my budget voice speaks way louder than my tastebuds!

    • July 25, 2010 4:16 am


      I agree, the GF pizzas are a little pricey, so I wouldn’t eat them daily, but for me GF substitutes are a treat! I will fork over $10 for a pizza like this every once and a while 🙂


  4. July 25, 2010 4:09 am

    Ohhh I’m guessing those sauces are GF since you are eating them.. I’ll have to look into that!

    • July 25, 2010 4:15 am


      They are!! I spoke to Melanie herself (the sauce chef/creator) and she actually has some terrible food allergies, so she cooks with face masks and gloves when she is handling things she is allergic to!! Poor thing. But she did verify that these sauces and rubs are all naturally GF and they are SO DELICIOUS!


  5. July 27, 2010 11:27 pm

    I have tried several items from Melanie’s Big Acres Gourmet Products. The sauces are superb. Also the rubs being all natural are an excellent health choice besides bringing out a DELICIOUS taste. When things all come down too it, “THE IT” is about taste and BIG ACRES has big superb taste. Often companies make a sauce that work for one thing, yet Big Acres has several types of sauces that cover a huge array of dishes. The Chipolte Maple BBQ sauce has been great not only doing every type of BBQ dish, but also on zucchini, grilled squash, shrimp and my last dish was making Asian Beef Broccoli. It provided a slight spicy tang with a sweet flavor. I would love to see how others are using sauces and highly give my utmost recommendations for using BIG ACRES.

    • July 28, 2010 1:58 pm


      You are a big fan! Thanks for the ideas to use the sauces and rubs! I will have to try it with my veggies 🙂


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